Daily Love Forecast 28th December – CRUCIAL Time To DO THIS Before The Year Ends!

daily love forecast 28th december

We are still under the blessed influence of Jupiter conjunct Sun, while at the same time we have the number SEVEN, as the ruling energy of the day.

This all makes it an extremely blissful day, which we must not waste on overindulgence and wishful thinking, though.

The last few days of the year, as well as the first twelve days of the New one, are absolutely crucial if you are serious about manifesting love, abundance, and happiness into your life!

The time is extremely suitable for socializing, which plays out wonderfully, because this also opens up opportunities for meeting a new love interest or even having a first date with someone! Don’t let this distract you too much from your daily ‘me-time’, however! Even just 10-15 mins each day can make a profound difference as to what and how quickly you manifest in the New Year!

Make these last few days of 2019 count! Now more than ever it is important to not fall into the trap of ‘I will start on January the 1st’.

Today we have a strong Aquarius influence, so it is a good day to re-evaluate what you would like to break free from in 2020.

Would you like to break free from a fear that has been stopping you from manifesting the love and relationship you desire?

Would you like to break free from an ex that has been stopping you from moving on?

Would you like to break free from a habit that has been hindering your confidence?

It may even be all of these things!

Sit down and write a list, or rather an affirmation:

Today I break free from…

And list all the things you are breaking free from today.

This is an amazing way to make use of the strong Uranus energy in a constructive way, while also working on building a stronger character, which is another important aspect, present in today’s numerology chart.

Once you write all the affirmations with what you are breaking free from, it is a good idea to write another list with what will take THEIR PLACE.

There is an important universal low saying that nothing is lost – it just takes another form.

Your inhibition might come back if you don’t consciously ‘replace’ them with something else

This means that you fears and the things you would like to break free from were taking a certain amount of ‘space’ in your aura, or your energy field. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you set the intention to ‘fill’ this space or energy field with something ‘good’, something constructive that will add value to your life – you need new energy in place of all these old things.

Do take the time to think about it and write a final list, containing something like that:

I am breaking free from my fear of abandonment and I am replacing it with absolute confidence that the Universe is taking care of me. Now I am full of calm and confidence.

I am breaking free from my fear of not being appreciated, and I am replacing it for complete and utter appreciation of myself. I value and appreciate myself completely and this will attract more people in my life, who do the same towards me.

Take the time to do this exercise today and watch miracles unfold in your life in 2020!

Love and Light!

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