Beware of ‘False’ Soulmates! (Daily Love Forecast 21st January)

There are a lot of things the Universe is inviting us to do today, so we better put our sleeves up and get to work!

First of all, numerologically, we have the number eight, which is the number of karma and transformation. Again, with the influence of Saturn conjunct Pluto, we have no seconds to rest and waste on wishful thinking – it’s all about doing our inner work every day to become powerful co-creators and grow the love and abundance into our life!

Just like yesterday, we have the numerological karmic combination, which is inviting us to overcome our personality weaknesses, expand our visions, and break free from old patterns. We are still under the influence of the birth of Saturn, and we better strive to remain under it for today, as we have a hard aspect between Neptune and the Moon, which may blur our vision and urge us to waste our day on wishful thinking!

Beware of Neptune’s Mystical Poison!

Neptune is a wonderful planet, representing Divine Love, higher consciousness, and the fine arts. When it is in a hard aspect with the Moon, though, it can become poisonous to our senses! On the physical level you may feel a bit dizzy, hard to concentrate, and overall catch your mind wandering away a bit too often throughout the day.

At the same time it’s not a good idea to go on first dates or start a relationship today.

It is very likely that your vision of the person may be blurred, or overidealized. You may not see them in their true colors, so you may fall into the trap of the ‘false soulmate’ when you feel like this person was meant to be, while later on you find out he was a total cheat! Brace yourself and take every word or action by others with a grain of salt today!

The Moon in Sagittarius may also make you way too dreamy, focusing on the big picture and missing out on important details!

Rather than trying to pursue unrealistic dreams, it is best to stick to your usual daily rituals and tasks, especially the grounding exercise I have explained in previous articles.

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Love and Light!

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