Critical Steps To NOT Ruin A Loving Relationship In The Next Year! (Daily Love Astrology 21st February)

daily love astrology feb 21

All the positive manifestations of the wonderful astrological influences from the previous days are still in full swing, and you can read more about them here, here, and here.

With the ruling number of the day being NINE, we have further support to get closure on past situations that have hurt us, and to experience deep healing.

Healing your past wounds is critical for experiencing True Love and Togetherness in the present and future

And although you may feel like you have already gone through this process, I suggest that you don’t miss out on the opportunity in the next few days while we are still under the influence of Neptune sextiling Jupiter!

Here are some suggestions to work on:

  • Forgiveness
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Manipulation

These are all areas that require our regular attention, as they are the ones, creating blockages stopping us from meeting our True Soulmate, or they can even ruin a wonderful relationship after we have managed to attract it into our life!

The time is just right to summon the angels to assist you in this process!

Archangel Raphael is the one assisting with healing, and Archangel Michael can help you cut the strings of fear in any situation. Often we are unable to attract a loving relationship, or we subconsciously ruin a loving one due to the fear of past scenarios playing out again, or because we still have inner bitterness or anger from past experiences, which we have not dealt with.

Use the time to summon the archangels and ask them to cut the strings of fear in ALL of your relationships (or you can specify a situation or a relationship, too), and to fill your heart with peace and forgiveness! I cannot stress enough how useful, beneficial and truly transformative such a practice will be during this specific time of the year! It can indeed act as a catalyst for a breakthough you have been waiting for for years!

By doing all this, you are powerfully aligning yourself with the energies of the day, which, if done regularly, will quickly become an utterly life-changing experience, with things manifesting much sooner than you expected them to! By following these simple, but crucial tips, you are becoming a co-creator rather than an observer of your destiny!

I would love to keep assisting you in this journey towards True Love, Happiness, and Abundance, and in order to receive FREE daily support, you can click the button below. You will be joining hundreds of like-minded women, whose energy will support and further inspire and empower you!????

Love and Light!

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