Virgo Rising – What Is The True Meaning Of Your Virgo Ascendant

virgo rising

Understanding your Virgo rising sign and how it fits in with your Sun and Moon signs can be a bit confusing.

This is why I have created a separate article on the Rising Sign Meaning, which you can check out here.

In short, the zodiac sign, which stands as a rising sign in your horoscope determines the specific manner in which the energies and qualities of your Sun sign will be manifested in your lifetime.

For example, someone with a Scorpio Sun sign and a Virgo rising will have the chance to manifest their intense, inquisitive, strong-minded nature, which seeks to get to the root of every issue (Scorpio) a lot more easily, because they will be driven by the inner motivation to be orderly, analytical, methodical, and systematic – all qualities of their Virgo rising sign.

The very same person would find it a lot harder to realize this Scorpio-driven nature with a Gemini rising, which would make them more inconsistent.

This is why one of the very first things to be analyzed in a natal chart is how harmonious the interaction between the rising sign and the Sun sign is. Whether they are placed in signs that complement or contradict each other.

In addition, we should also consider and closely examine the planet, which rules the Ascendant and therefore the whole natal chart (in the case of Virgo rising, the ruler is Mercury); where this planet is placed by sign and by house, and how it interconnects with the Sun and Rising signs.

Usually your physical characteristics are determined by the combined influences of the signs, where the Sun, Moon, rising, and the ascendant ruler are placed.

For example, if you are a Virgo with a Sagittarius rising and a Leo Moon, and your Jupiter (the ruler of your ascendant) is placed in Gemini, we will say that your Sun sign is Virgo, your Moon is in Leo, your Rising is in Sagittarius, and your horoscope and ascendant ruler is in Gemini. The latter will further color the characteristics of your rising sign.

The rising sign is something that you need to manifest and demonstrate gradually throughout your life, and this is why some of the traits and characteristics of this sign can be overemphasized and more obvious than some of the qualities of your Sun sign.

For example, someone with a Leo rising is ‘more Leo than the Leos’. They wish to be noticed at all cost, and they suffer if they don’t receive the attention they seek. Their strong desire to be the center of attention provokes their inventiveness, but their manners would also be a bit more demonstrative than those of a Leo Sun sign. In comparison, someone with a Leo Sun has the calm confidence that they are the king and he or she receives the attention they deserve with dignity. A Leo Sun attracts this attention effortlessly.

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Now that you have a good idea of the meaning and significance of the rising sign, let’s move on to

Virgo Rising Appearance

Virgo Rising Appearance

Virgo rising are usually very good-looking men and women.

They have a small bone structure, look naturally athletic, and usually have very harmonious face features.

Virgo rising are usually of medium height, have a slender figure, proportionately developed body, high, pronounced forehead, and a straight nose.

Eyes are lively, and expressive, blue or brown in color, lips – well-shaped, often thin, narrow chin. They usually walk in an energetic, agile way.

The sign of Virgo is ruled by Mercury – the youngest of the gods, inhabiting Mount Olympus.

Therefore, Virgo rising people also look youthful, lively, and mobile, like the god, the ruler of their sign. Even in old age they look fit, strong, and flexible. They are distinguished by great mobility and efficiency in their physical actions.

Virgo Rising Meaning – An Overview

Virgo Rising Meaning

Virgo rising lives’ are dedicated to service, purity and nature.

Virgo’s qualities related to hygiene and a good quality of life are especially emphasized.

Virgo rising are pleasant and non-confrontational, but with a strong, albeit flexible will-power, and they know how to realize their ideas. Many of the negative qualities such as pettiness, fear and criticism observed in the Sun in Virgo people are not overly expressed here.

Virgo rising strive for perfection in everything they do. They are usually very well-dressed and neat. Women are like ‘out of a box’.

In childhood they can get very sick.

In their personal lives, they are rather soft, compliant and devoted, unless there are strong influences that overpower this tendency. However, they often have misunderstandings in love and some nuance of loneliness in marriage.

Virgo rising may often change their place of residence.

Virgo Rising Traits – Strong Mental Power

Virgo rising traits

Very often, when Virgo rises on the eastern horizon, we can see Gemini on MC (the highest point in the astrological chart that governs our maximum achievements in life).

Both signs are ruled by the same planet – Mercury, which endows individuals born with this combination with some exceptional qualities. For example, the need to study every life situation in the greatest detail (Virgo) corresponds well to their ability to communicate and interact with others (Gemini).

As a result, Virgo rising potentially have the ability to integrate very well mentally. This, on the other hand, allows them to reach their maximum potential in their chosen areas much easier than other people.

Virgo rising Traits – Anxiety and Perfectionism

Virgo rising Traits

The biggest problem for those born with a Virgo ascendant is the tendency to constantly worry and fret over small things.

In people, who have Virgo as an ascendant, this tendency is even stronger, in comparison to those of the same zodiac sign, because in this case their anxiety stems from a deep psychological motivation.

The worries and anxieties Virgo rising experience are often related to their desire for perfectionism. Usually, the following scenario can be observed: they set extremely high demands on themselves and others. They “raise the bar” so high that they almost doom themselves to failure from the very beginning. Either themselves or the people around them, who are also unable to meet their extremely high criteria.

As a result, Virgo rising get disappointed both from themselves and from others. They begin to worry that they have not achieved enough in life. In order to satisfy their aspirations, they “raise the bar” of their requirements even higher and the vicious circle closes.

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Virgo Rising Mission

Virgo Rising Mission

The main purpose of the Virgo sign itself is to perfect and improve everything around them.

This is the reason why this sign is unmatched in the detection of all errors and imperfections. The main purpose of Virgo is to improve the existing situation and to introduce perfection in everything created. The problem is rooted in the ultimate staggering in this direction.

Obviously, if we set a criteria for unearthly female beauty, then any woman of flesh and blood will not be attractive enough. People with the rising sign of Virgo often look at themselves extremely critically. From their point of view, they are also not physically attractive enough. They often suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

Virgo Rising Traits: Skewed Self-Image

Virgo Rising

Virgo rising need to develop a more objective assessment of themselves.

If they want to develop more inner peace and balance, they should compare themselves to other (earthly) people, and not to some unearthly and unattainable ideal of physical beauty.

The same goes for everything else they do. Virgo rising may doubt their professional abilities or question their qualities as good parents and spouses as well as their intellectual abilities.

It doesn’t matter if they are really good in any field. The point here is that they are usually not satisfied with the quality of what has been achieved. This, in turn, leads to worry, dissatisfaction and anxiety.

This vicious circle can be resolved only if the bar of their criteria and requirements for themselves and others is lowered to an average and more acceptable level.

However, this is indeed a difficult task for Virgo rising. Sometimes it takes years of work on yourself until you finally get to that inner satisfaction and peace.

However, when Virgo rising finally achieve this, it is based on true knowledge of one’s own abilities and capabilities, as well as the qualities of other people.

Virgo Rising Self-Cultivation

Virgo Rising Self-Cultivation

One of the best ways to develop more self-confidence is to look back on past achievements. This usually proves effective later in life for Virgo rising.

Then they can look back and judge what they have actually achieved so far. And if there are specific achievements to be proud of, they can genuinely pat themselves on the shoulder and feel proud of themselves.

The fact that they have already managed to reach some of their goals should empower them with even greater confidence that nothing can stop them from continuing confidently from now on. Therefore, the best way for self-cultivation of the Virgo rising is the correct self-evaluation, self-praise and objective evaluation of one’s own strengths and abilities.

Virgo Rising Lessons To Learn: Self-Reward

Virgo Rising Lessons To Learn

Virgo rising need to learn to reward themselves for what they have achieved, no matter how insignificant it may seem in their eyes.

This is more likely to be achieved in the presence of a partner, who shows understanding and encourages them.

The worst approach with Virgo-born children is sharp criticism and belittling of their achievements.

Virgo rising, who grew up in a family where the emphasis was on discipline and achievement, but lacked love and understanding are in a particularly difficult situation. In adulthood, their inner worries and anxieties are even more intensified.

In the worst case scenario, such a family environment can cause hypochondria or health problems with the stomach, digestion, and urinary system in adults.

Then they have to work extra hard on themselves to overcome such predispositions and develop their full potential.

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Virgo Rising Traits and Its Ruler- Mercury

virgo rising

The position of Mercury by house and its aspects shed light on how they look and what their main interests are.

Take, for example, the famous social activist and co-founder of the YIP (Youth International Party) movement in the 1960s, and later a successful businessman, Jerry Rubin. He was born with a Virgo rising and the ruler, Mercury in the 11th House of Social Reforms.

The famous German astrologer and mathematician Walter Koch, who was the father of psychosynthesis and the creator of the astrological house system named after him, was born with the Sun, Moon, Venus, and rising in Virgo, and the ruler Mercury in the first house.

When Virgo rises on the eastern horizon, human individuality is formed through continuous mental analysis.

Those born with this placement subject every event in their life to analytical judgment, careful consideration and detailed analysis. In this way, they achieve greater precision in the way they self-identify as individuals in the reality around them.

This can be achieved through the acquisition of greater skills and abilities in their chosen professional field, their personal relationships, as well as their relationships with parents, children, friends, acquaintances, etc.

However, knowledge alone has no value for Virgo rising. Virgo is an earth sign and as such he seeks the application of the acquired knowledge in some real, concrete field.

Virgo Rising get the most life satisfaction, when through meticulous observation and extremely detailed analysis they gain concrete knowledge and manage to apply it to the solution of completely real life situations. Another life goal of Virgo rising is the proper development and organization of daily earthly duties.

Like the assimilation process of food that takes place in the body, Virgo rising has the task to properly assimilate human experience. Virgo rising are constantly busy analyzing the events they have experienced. It is well-known that just like the physical body can be clogged with inappropriate food, so can people be subjected to negative life experiences that can poison their minds.

It is common for Virgo rising to be overly obsessed and overwhelmed by the idea of ​​order, precision, purity, perfection, etc., until they may eventually lose their spontaneous joy and enjoyment of life.

Virgo Rising Compatibility and Love Life

Virgo Rising Compatibility and Love Life

Virgo rising can be very caring and responsive towards their partner.

On a deep psychological level, they have a lot of warmth and emotionality.

Probably their most negative quality is the tendency to constantly scold their partner. They do this mechanically and with the best of intentions in their desire to see their partner more refined and sophisticated.

However, as we talked earlier, balance and moderation need to be developed. For example, telling a husband that he should throw out the garbage a hundred times a day can drive any mentally healthy individual crazy. In the worst case, so much pushing leads exactly to the opposite result.

Whenever Virgo is on the ascendant, we find the opposite sign of Pisces on the descendant.

While Virgo is overly tense and experiencing high levels of internal nervous tension, the opposite sign Pisces tells them to relax, to rest, and not take life so seriously.

Pisces teaches Virgo to indulge in small pleasures, and this is why Virgo rising would benefit from partners, who are able to encourage just that in them.

Through the compassionate and self-sacrificing sign Pisces, Virgo is able to reach the type of inner knowledge, which rises in the soul when our heart is open to it.

Because life is much larger than what can be measured, studied and classified.

Please remember that Sun Moon and Rising signs are not enough to properly evaluate compatibility or one’s personality.

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