Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 14th December 2020 – NEW HORIZONS!

december solar eclipse

This solar eclipse is a powerful catalyst for change in our way of thinking.

The period around the eclipse can be full of emotions because we want to release our limitations!

Don’t forget to write your New Moon Intentions as described here! Don’t miss this important time and the chance for powerful transformations!

Sagittarius teaches us that with our mind we can create and there are no limits. Therefore, now in the days around the eclipse, we may gain a more clear vision about our beliefs, about life and our worldview.

Suddenly, like thunder from a clear sky, things becomes clear to us. This “Aha!” Moment that reveals the possible solutions to our inner and outer struggles. With Sagittarius, however, possible solutions are beyond our logical mind.

Do we have the inner strength to go beyond our mind?

A solar eclipse allows us to expand our consciousness to get what we want and to let go of what is not ours. For some, this event brings ingenious ideas and opportunities for new business and projects. Others realize that their philosophical belief system is just hindering their progress, and they need to believe more in the divine mind instead of constantly bothering with calculations. For third, it is a turning point in which the opinion of others doesn’t matter any more, and their inner ‘guru’ comes forward.

Many of us will feel the urge to connect with our inner voice.

In this past year, with all its challenging events, our logical mind took over – What will happen? How is this going to happen? So many statistics, opinions, comments, information, and noise everywhere. The solar eclipse in Sagittarius gives us an incentive to leave everything that distracts us from our personal mission and goal. Because these things drain our energy and make us subject to too many calculations.

The solar eclipse opens a portal for us to enter and follow our dream. But in order to follow our mission and path, we must part with the old. Sagittarius does not look back. He races forward powerfully. He has a goal and knows how to reach it, and his inner self is always connected to the space navigator. Thus Sagittarius makes the impossible possible!

This is a period in which we can realize that things are not working out in the old way.

Why not try something new? The new method will require trust, faith and courage. For some, what’s new in their lives may simply be about letting go of everything and seeing what happens. To take a break in which their spirit will generate new ideas that are more effective in making their dream come true. When we just let things happen with an intention, then everything seems to work miraculously. Because we stop complicating everything unnecessarily.

The solar eclipse will be very fateful for all who have their Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Nodes in the signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.

It is the mutable signs that are seekers and disseminators of information. They must remove all things that divert them from their purpose – thoughts, people, situations and past experiences, and concentrate on actions that bring progress and development. Their key to success is a radical change in the way they work and think.

For all of us, a solar eclipse brings both an end and a beginning.

An end to everything that did not turn out exactly the way we wanted in the past year, and the beginning of a new way of thinking, a new, more personal philosophy of things that will open the doors for us in the new year to realize our ideas, concepts and new endeavors.

The eclipse carries a powerful energy that can feel fateful – as if the moment is coming when we feel that we can not stay in the old energy and urgently need to take this step forward.

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