Taurus 2021 Horoscope: Big Changes In ALL Areas Of Life!

Taurus 2021 horoscope

Taurus 2021 Horoscope: exciting changes are coming your way!

Dear Taurus,

The year 2020 was extremely challenging for all of us, and I know that you, too, are looking forward to some good news for the upcoming 2021.

Uranus, the planet of change and sudden realizations has been in your sign now for a while, and this, combined with the fact that fixed signs are not very keen on quick, unprecedented changes may have been making the recent shifts in energies even more difficult for you.

I wish I could tell you there were only good news for 2021, but I will have to keep it real, and I know you as an earth sign will appreciate this, dear Taurus.

You can make some big advancements in your career and in your personal life in 2021, but there will be some challenging times, too.

The good news is that overall things will flow a lot easier than previous years, and although there may be times when more patience, effort, and perseverance is required, the changes will not be as painful as they were during previous years!

Furthermore, during the last Solar Eclipse of 2020, which will have its influence throughout the first six months of 2021, your ruling planet, Venus was making wonderful aspects with Selena and Jupiter – both planets, which bring you good luck and the support of the light forces!

Last but not least, Saturn, which has now left Capricorn and moved into the free-loving energy of Aquarius, always leaves a gift when it changes signs if you were able to learn the lessons it had to teach. And in your case, Saturn leaving your 9th house may leave you with a new life philosophy, a new way of thinking, or a real person, who is like a shining light in your life, who gives spiritual support and inspiration when you most need it.

It may also be something a lot more practical like finishing a course or a degree, which will help you achieve the new goals that Saturn and Jupiter in your 10th house will set for you during 2021.

The turbulences in your 9th house were all for your higher good, dear Taurus, because now the spotlight moves from the cardinal signs towards the fixed ones, and you need all the material and spiritual resource required in order to really take advantage of the energies that are at play over the next few years!

Taurus 2021 Horoscope: Reward Time and Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Influence in 2021

Taurus 2021 horoscope

As I already said, you should expect to receive a ‘gift’ from the universe and although Taurus likes things they can touch, this time it may be of a more ‘invisible’ nature.

The 9th house is an extremely intellectual and philosophical house, which was under the radar for your sign of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that colored the past year of 2020.

You may have had your whole life philosophy shaken up and many of your principles challenged through the different events that happened to you this past year.

You may have had to finish your degree online, or cancel travel plans, or had a challenging situation with in-laws (who are represented by 9th house as well).

You may have had to end a long-distance relationship, or start one, or had a situation with someone from another culture, religion, or background that put you on your toes.

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Whatever changes happened, dear Taurus, there is a good deal that can be taken with you as a lesson and a new life philosophy, which is going to help you build your future in 2021.

As you already know, the year 2021 will be majorly shaped by the grand Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happening right in the end of 2020, and your sign will be influenced by it in a number of ways.

The first thing to consider is that the conjunction is happening in your 10th house of career, achievements, and true life mission, which is a house that can actually influence ALL areas of your life!

It’s a house that involves your social status and this includes marriage, divorce, becoming a mother or a father.

When Saturn and Jupiter meet in a house together, they want to make a major development occur there, so ever since the beginning of 2021, you will be presented with many questions you will need to answer yourself, dear Taurus!

‘Am I on the right career path?’

‘Is the current career I am pursuing actually fulfilling my true life mission?’

‘Am I serving my higher purpose?’

‘Is the marriage I am in supporting my life goals and career path?’

‘Is my marriage helping me serve my higher purpose?’

‘Is the role I play in society fulfilling? Do I want to change it?’

‘Am I fulfilling my role as a father/mother in a way that supports my vision in life?’

All these will come at the front of your mind, dear Taurus, and with Saturn being there, you will not be able to avoid them!

Saturn is the stronger planet in this conjunctions as it is in a sign, which is traditionally ruled by Saturn. And he wants a realistic, down-to-earth approach followed by consistent action.

A relief can be found in the fact that Saturn in Aquarius is not so strict and demanding as Saturn was in Capricorn, so whatever new decisions you have to make will also be supported by the benevolent Jupiter, who is helping you to move forward with more ease.

Since the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will be extremely important on a socio-economic level, the fact that it is your 10th House that falls under its influence means a lot for you, dear Taurus!

It means that now is the time when many Tauruses take an important role in society!

Even if you are not a politician or someone of great influence, your choice of career path and life mission will have an important and impactful effect in your immediate community!

This is why you need to choose wisely and make decisions that not only serve you, but also the people around you!

Now in 2021, you may plant the seed of a new business idea, start an important project, get into a marriage (or out of one), or have a child – and this move or decision will be a lot more impactful than you can imagine!

This decision will put a light on your path for the next 20 years, and every 5 years or so, you will see additional events happening in relation to this decision.

Taurus 2021 Horoscope: Breakthrough Changes in Love, Marriage, and Career-Wise

Taurus 2021 horoscope

If you thought that Saturn and Jupiter lighting up your 10th house to ‘streamline’ your life path wasn’t enough, we have Uranus in the picture, adding a further push for you, dear Taurus.

Tauruses, born between the 26thof April and the 6th of May will feel this even more strongly, because they will have Uranus, passing through their Sun (or those with Taurus ascendant, passing through their ascendant).

Uranus in your 1st house will be squaring Saturn a few times throughout 2021 dear Tauruses, and no matter how resistant you may be to change – there will be no option left for you, really!

The first effects of this will be felt in February, then June, and then in the autumn of 2021.

The energies of these two planets clashing will not be very pleasing, because they both have very different nature – Saturn wants to keep the old and Uranus wants to revolutionize! So, on the one hand you will feel a strong push from this new life path that is calling you, dear Taurus. And on the other – you will be feeling a significant pull from the old patterns and behaviors that you are used to.

If you are one of the Tauruses, who have their Sun or Ascendant conjunct Uranus, you will actually feel a strong inner urge for change and inner freedom!

And inner freedom may come in so many different ways for you, dear Taurus – leaving a job that does not make you happy; leaving a marriage; or, on the opposite – making a decision that it is time to move forward with your relationship and have a child!

You may even go in a completely different direction and decide to become a stay-at-home parent in order to take care of your kids.

These are all possible outcomes of the planetary influences that are at play in 2021, and the right one that which will make you feel truly happy and fulfilled!

At any rate, Uranus will be causing a thunderstorm in your mind, and you will have to take the steps necessary in order to please both planets – move forward and achieve a new sense of inner freedom and enlightenment, while keeping the things from the past that still serve you well!

As I mentioned earlier, whether it comes to money or love, you will be having angelic support from Jupiter and Selena mostly during the first 6 months of 2021– remember that in the toughest of times!

If you are single, you can expect to meet someone out of the blue, or quickly start a relationship you never considered possible!

Uranus is all about changes that are extremely out-of-the-ordinary for you, and this planet activating both your 1st and 10th house can indeed bring unpredictable results!

The 1st-7th house axis of love and relationships is strongly activated as well, so you will see unexpected developments happening there, too.

You may change your appearance completely, and since the Ascendant also has to do with your name, getting married may cause changes to your surname, for example.

Unexpected pregnancies are not out of the question either, and your health should be under the radar at all times – don’t take any risks that may endanger your physical wellbeing.

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Taurus 2021 Horoscope: Releasing the Past for More Financial Stability and Self-Esteem

Taurus 2021 horoscope

Another important influence that will be at play for you, dear Taurus, is the North Node-South Node Axis, which will be falling on your 2nd-8th house axis.

The last Solar eclipse of 2020 set the tone for your next 6 months in your 8th house, signifying important new beginnings in relation to mutual resources, your sex life, mortgages, inheritances, and occult experiences.

It also signified that you first need to release something from the past in order to reap the rewards from this new beginning.

It may be psychological dependence on a past lover or some psychological trauma, related to your family or sex life that still stays imprinted in your astral body and the deep corners of your subconscious mind.

It is important that you let go of anything that is dragging you behind energetically, because this is also closely related to planting the new seeds for you new life path!

What is also significant here is that the North node, which sets the tone for the future is in your 2nd house, meaning that you will need to strive for financial independence, for a new sense of self-esteem and self-value during 2021.

Tauruses are usually pretty good at creating financial stability for yourself and your family, but this new year, you may need to put yourself in the place of the ‘student’ in order to learn something new, and gain a new sense of security and independence on many levels – both financially and energetically.

You will be able to do this through communication, learning from others, being curious and inquisitive of how you can achieve all that. North node in Gemini is all about gathering information and applying it in a practical way.

The 2nd house is also about your value system, and again – re-defining what truly matters in your life is very much in line with the changes that are bound to happen in your 10th house. We usually make decisions, regarding our career and our life path, basing them on what we truly value and find important in life.

Is it money? Is it serving others? Is it providing more comfort for your family?

Re-defining our values often happens as we communicate and exchange thoughts and ideas with others, so be open dear Tauruses – be open to listen up to what others have to tell you and unconsciously, they can give you clues as to what you should do!

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Taurus 2021 Horoscope: Mid-Year Re-Evaluation of Goals

Taurus 2021 horoscope

You would have already taken some important steps by June, dear Taurus, and the eclipse happening then will give you the chance to fine-tune some of your decisions.

The period between June and October will be when you will be evaluating the first six months of the year, and things may move slower for you at that time, but don’t worry – this is still a productive process.

This will be the time when you make some final decisions of what to let go and what to keep in your life in order to achieve the financial stability we’ve talked about, the enhanced sense of self-value, and the new career path you are about to undertake.

Beware that this whole process may take up to 2023 for you to finally see the results, but doubt not – you WILL reap the benefits of the new developments that are about to happen in 2021 for you, dear Taurus!

Taurus 2021 Horoscope Summary

Taurus 2021 horoscope

2021 will see you facing some important new developments in your career path, your life mission, your financial stability, and your core values, dear Taurus!

The revolutionary influence of Uranus will further highlight the need for change in these areas of life for you, and indeed – you will have to make important decisions regarding your career and relationships that cannot wait any more.

Some of you may make a significant change in your appearance, suddenly decide to end a relationship, or meet someone, who is not their typical ‘type’ at all.

Your role in society and your social face will have to be completely transformed, and although the final result may not be seen before 2022 or even 2023, you will have to plant the seeds for this transformation now, in the upcoming 12 months.

You have some good angelic support and an inner drive to achieve, dear Taurus, so I believe you will be reaping the fruits of these exciting changes in your life in no time!

I believe in you, dear Taurus, and if you wish more personalized guidance based on your own horoscope, you can order a full reading, which includes personalized remedies, prayers, and meditations, here.

You can read a review of how I do my readings here.

Stay positive, stay hopeful and let the stars be with you!

I send you all the blessings in the world.


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