Aries 2021 Horoscope: Growing Your Influence and Realizing Your Dreams!

Aries 2021 Horoscope: you love the world and the world loves you!

Dear Aries,

2020 was an extremely challenging year for all of us, but especially for the cardinal signs, who were under the radar.

Since I am a cardinal sign, too, I know too well that we’ve been challenged to undergo numerous transformations ever since 2018, when Saturn entered Capricorn and made a firm statement that things need to be re-structured, old karmic debts have to be re-paid, and lessons have to be learned in order to move forward.

The good news is that now, in the dawn of 2021, when Saturn leaves Capricorn, he is going to leave a gift for us, and especially for you Aries, being a cardinal sign, if you were able to learn the lessons and meet Saturn’s requirements. And, since you are reading this, I have a nudge that you most probably have!

So, what are Saturn’s requirements?

Well, you can think of him as an old wise man, who is a tough, but fair teacher, who wants to give you maturity and bring you to a new level of consciousness. And the best of all is that when Saturn leaves a gift – it’s something that lasts! Unlike Jupiter, who is very much like Santa Claus, bringing joy and good luck for a few days, Saturn’s rewards bring long-lasting satisfaction and a feeling of self-fulfillment, because they have been hard-earned.

And indeed with your 10th house being under ‘attack’ during the whole 2020, dear Aries, I believe you’ve earned your rewards!

10th house is all about career, achievements, and rewards, but it’s also about finding your true life mission and path. 10th house is about reputation and social status, too, and therefore your reputation or marriage may have been affected as well. It also represents your parents, and maybe some of you lost a loved one during this past year.

Maybe you had setbacks in your career, you had to work twice as hard in order to achieve results, or even lost your job. You had to do major restructuring, take on a new career path, or simply put a lot more effort, because not only was your 10th house challenged, but it was also making hard aspects to Mars – your ruling planet, which to top it all was going retrograde for about two months.

The 10th house is such a key point in the horoscope that I wouldn’t be surprised if you had ALL areas of your life shaken up, dear Aries! If you’ve had to deal with authorities or be faced with your own internal authority, which was pushing you to your very limits. Indeed, there was a lot of will-power required from you in order to keep moving.

Maybe you had to re-assess your career path and take on a completely new direction in order to be true to yourself and your talents.

Maybe you had to re-assess your marriage and whether it is serving your higher purpose in life, or it is pushing you off your true path.

Maybe you had to face a major blow to your reputation in order to learn a valuable lesson and change your approach to career and relationships.

At any rate, you have been tested by a higher force – are you on your true path; are you really serving your higher purpose; are you being honest and diligent in order to deserve your reputation and your status.

Well, if you’ve learned your lessons now it is…

Aries Reward Time and Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Influence in 2021

Aries 2021Horoscope

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As I mentioned earlier, Saturn leaves a reward when it changes signs, and now in the beginning of 2021, it enters Aquarius, and your 11th house, dear Aries!

The 11th house is all about dreams, wishes, future visions and this is where the Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction, which is going to affect the whole 2021 happens for you, dear Aries.

The 11th house was one of the most loved and respected houses by ancient astrologers, who also believed that it is an especially lucky and fruitful year when Jupiter passes through it!

YES, we do have Saturn there as well, which means that this luck, rewards, and the fulfillment of your dreams will come under the condition of discipline and perseverance, dear Aries. Under the condition that you’ve paid off some of your past karma in the last two years.

However, Saturn’s influence in Aquarius, and the 11th house, which is also naturally ruled by Aquarius, is a lot more mellow than it is in Capricorn.

As you may know, Saturn traditionally ruled Aquarius for many years, and it feels very comfortable there. While in Capricorn Saturn has a lot more strict, demanding, limiting influence, which gives us lessons in a rather harsh way, in Aquarius, Saturn activates our intellectual resources and ability to bring structure into our dreams and visions!

The Grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in your 11th house will also bring up a lot of activity and projects you may start with a group with friends, older siblings, or people, who share the same visions, goals, and ideals as you, dear Aries, and this may be a wonderful opportunity for you to let your entrepreneurial and leadership skills shine. (to learn all meanings of the 11th house, Download The Fast Track To Astrology Cheat Sheets)

Saturn and Jupiter together are all about structured growth, and considering the fact your ruling planet, Mars, made a supporting aspect during the December Solar eclipse, which also affects the next 6th months, you Aries, have a recipe for really making a grand vision or dream of yours come true or at least start materializing in 2021!

One thing you must not forget, though, that this is most likely to happen through the support of others, which also includes people you network with on Social Media! Any project you might be involved in that has to do with the internet, social media, e-commerce, new technologies, astrology, sci-fi, non-profit organizations is most likely going to thrive during this next year, dear Aries! And considering that you are the self-starter of the zodiac, I won’t be surprised seeing a lot of you build a successful new business or grow a project or business you have already build the foundation for in one of these areas I just mentioned above.

Your whole new year, dear Aries will be focused on communications, building bridges with others, establishing a wider influence for your projects and ideas.

This whole new year will be heavily influenced by Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra – the air signs, which are the ones who spread the information and build relationships between people, and with your 11th house activated by Saturn and Jupiter, this trend will be even more pronounced for you, dear Aries!

If you are a business person or someone involved in some form of projects, 2021 will be the year when you will be able to show them to the world and gain more followers, supporters, and clients!

Even if you don’t have your own business, you will be able to get involved in group projects that bring you satisfaction, fulfillment and get you closer to a dream of yours!

The business connections, networks and partnerships you build NOW will bring you positive results for the next 20 years, dear Aries! Because this is how far-reaching is the influence of Saturn and Jupiter, who meet in the sign of Aquarius for the first time after 800 years!

Some of you, Aries, may also get very involved in social activism, volunteering, and any cause that plays an important role for society. All the connections you build and the socially important projects you start this year are likely to stick with you for 20 years, dear Aries!

You can also win the support of a mentor or a benefactor, who decides to support your ideas, visions, and projects, dear Aries!

Aries, together with Aquarius will be the most ‘tuned in’ sign as to what society will need in the next 20 years, and you can most definitely take advantage of this and have a ‘light bulb’ moment for a project, business, or idea that can grow and gain massive influence!

Aries 2021 Horoscope: New Love and Relationships with Influential People!

Aries 2021Horoscope

Let’s not forget Aries, that the 11th house is the house of friendship, but in modern astrology it is also the house of love and new relationships, especially with so many of them starting online or through a common group or cause people join together!
With Saturn and Jupiter in your 11th house, dear Aries, you may find yourself starting new friendships or even a romantic relationship with someone, who is a bit older, or more established in society than yourself. It may also be someone, who comes from another country, is very well-off financially, and/or is very spiritual in nature (Jupiter). They can be someone very respected and who has a positive influence on you. You may win the love and support of such a person, and this is likely to stick for at least the next 20 years.

At the same time, however, you may need to re-assess certain friendships or a long-term relationship you’ve been in.

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction there may force you to take a more realistic look at how much mutual values and visions you actually share with these people and whether they truly support you in fulfilling your dreams and wishes.
Saturn will force you to really take a more down-to-earth, practical approach to your friendships and long-term relationships in order to clean the space for the dream that is meant to finally come true!

This revision of friendships, relationships, and also re-aligning your visions with them is most likely to happen in the period between May and October, when Saturn and Jupiter will be going retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde it requires of us to go back, re-assess, and ‘fix’ things.

This ‘cleaning’ and re-structuring work you will have to do in your friendship circle or a long-term relationship of yours, or even with regard to some of your projects is also perfectly aligned with the December Solar Eclipse, which requires of us to let go of something and give up old patterns in order to receive a gift we’ve been yearning for!

Even if you lose a friendship or a relationship, have faith dear Aries that a new, better one will come at its place, because Saturn and Jupiter are working together!

So, one of them is requiring you to ‘streamline’ your energy in a way that it doesn’t get wasted on people and projects that don’t align with your dream. And the other one is helping you achieve new growth and take advantage of new opportunities that are coming your way!

Aries 2021 Horoscope: Have Faith Through The Challenges!

Aries 2021Horoscope

Be aware, dear Aries, that the fulfillment of your dreams, be it in relation to your love or business life, will not come without effort, dear Aries!

Mars, the ruler of your sign will be making a square to Saturn in the beginning of the year, and then Uranus – the planet of surprises will follow.

So, indeed, the year will not be without a few bumps on the road, a few obstacles, and a number of surprises that may try to put you off track.

Mars and Uranus will be in Taurus in your second house of money, finances, and personal energy when they make the hard aspect to your 11th house, dear Aries, so you may have a few setbacks on the road.

You may find yourself lacking the energy or the financial resource to move on. Or, you may find out things start to fall apart due to unexpected circumstances, related to money and/or lack of self-esteem.

When you are prepared for these setbacks, you can face them with a much calmer attitude and the faith that it will all turn out for the better in the end!

Jupiter is supporting you in the realization of your dreams and all you have to do is keep moving!

You WILL have a dream of yours come true by the end of 2021, dear Aries, so you must not let certain obstacles stop you or discourage you.

Seek support in the people around you and be confident that a wise benefactor will turn up to help you on your journey.

Even if some friends may leave or a relationship may end, you will meet new, inspirational people, who are much more spiritually aligned with you and your visions!

Aries 2021 Horoscope: Nodes and Eclipses Influence On Your Love, Family, and Career Life

Another important factor that will influence your life in 2021, dear Aries, will be the position of the nodes, which are currently on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

Since the North Node in Gemini falls in your 3rd house of communication and practical approach to life, this is yet another big signal for you that you need to focus on honing your communication and networking skills in order to be successful in 2021, dear Aries.

The North node aspects and connections are also important signifiers for love, relationships and family matters!

So, if you are single and looking, with your north node in the 3rd house, you can meet someone while on a short trip, travelling with relatives and close friends. Or, you could sign up for a new course or training (even online), and meet someone through this new community you join!

Finding love may also be easier if you strive to live by the higher manifestation of Gemini, dear Aries – speaking the truth; striving to never mislead others with your spoken and written word; being curious and inquisitive about life. Being flexible and adaptable (a FULL list of positive and negative manifestations of EACH sign can be found in the Fast Track To Astrology Zodiac Cheat Sheets) Adopting and nurturing all these qualities in your personality will be truly beneficial for you, dear Aries!

If you are married or in a serious relationship, the North node is again a pointer for how to keep things going smoothly! You can expect to move quite a lot on short distances with your loved ones and close friends, and again – you should be striving to get closer to each other by listening to each other and being adaptive to whatever life may serve you. By striving to put yourself in the role of the student, rather than the know-it-all (like the lower manifestation of Sagittarius would), you can keep peace in the family and really be able to improve your relationship through communicating and having fun together!

Aries 2021 Horoscope: The first part of 2021 will be under the eclipse that happened on the 14th of December 2020, and it was a very beneficial one for you, Dear Aries!

Aries 2021Horoscope


Not only your ruling planet, Mars, made a trine with the eclipse, but the ruler of your 7th house was in conjunction with Selena – the white Moon of happiness and good luck, and in a wide trine to Chiron. Do you know what this means for you?

In the first part of 2021 Cupid will be on your side, dear Aries!

Beware of putting your pink glasses and overlooking some red flags you may otherwise notice a lot earlier in a relationship, since we have Neptune’s dreamy influence, making us fall in love a bit too fast throughout 2021.

Nevertheless, you do have all the support from the stars to enjoy a rich and fulfilling love life in 2021, dear Aries!

The June eclipse, which will influence the second part of 2021 will happen in your 3rd house of short travel and communication, and will be ruled by Mercury, which will be retrograde at this point.

It is another beneficial eclipse, which will give you the chance to stop and evaluate things mid-year – get rid of people and plans that are not serving you well, and establish new beginnings that will be stable and long-lasting, dear Aries!

This mid-year eclipse is another reminder for you to strive for the higher manifestations of Gemini we talked about earlier, dear Aries.

The ruler of your 7th house, Venus, will be the ruler of the eclipse’s horoscope, and it is making a wide trine to Jupiter, which does make you very optimistic and hopeful for all love and financial prospects that may come your way this new year, dear Aries!

Indeed, it may sound too good to be true, but finally it seems like the stars are aligned to be supportive of your dreams and hopes in 2021, dear Aries!

Aries 2021 Horoscope Summary

Aries 2021Horoscope

It looks like a hopeful and prosperous New Year for you, Dear Aries!

January will be the absolute catalyst for these huge changes in your career path and life mission, dear Aries. With Pluto conjunct the New Moon in your 10th house, you will have no chance but to put all your energy into your visions and dreams! It may not feel like the easiest way to start the year, as it will be intense, but hold on! Rewards are coming for those, who have patience!

You will have all the support from the stars to widen your social influence, meet benevolent supporters, re-invent your social circle, and make a huge dream of yours come true!

It will not be without some hard work and perseverance on your side, dear Aries, but your efforts will be fruitful, and the energies will be flowing a lot more easily.

You can now start seeing the results from the difficult and challenging situations that occurred in all areas of your life over the past two years! With your 10th house ‘under attack’, you may have indeed had to do major ‘restructuring’ in your approach to career, family and life goals.

Now is the time that you make it all happen! Remember this will be possible through the support of others, by polishing your communication skills, and taking a more practical approach in everything you do!

I know you are a born leader, dear Aries, but this year you need to lead in a new way! Through being flexible, adaptive, listening to others and adopting a ‘student’ role in all situations life puts you through.

You love life is also looking pretty good, if only you remember to not wear your pink glasses all the time! Mid-year you will have the chance to re-evaluate any people and situations that are not serving you well, and make new beginnings that will really stick for the long term!

Stay positive, stay hopeful and let the stars be with you!

I send you all the blessings in the world.


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