Daily Love Forecast 5th December – Three Specific Steps To Manifest Love Today

daily love forecast 5th December

Today is a very interesting day, as it is ruled by the number TWO, which signifies the Moon, and at the same time for most of the day the Moon is void of course.

In this respect, the day will be extremely productive when it comes to deep spiritual work and matters of the heart!

Warning! The day is not suitable for starting a new relationship, as the Moon void of course may give you promises that don’t last. It is, however, an ideal time for spiritual practices and manifestation techniques to attract true love, as well as wonderful experiences with your loved ones.

There are three specific steps to align with the energies of the day, which will of course greatly re-enforce your manifestation endeavors.

1. Build Faith Though Others

Today is an amazing day for energy exchange with others, as they may help you build your faith and overcome certain obstacles that you might be facing. In your dealings with others on this day, the key is to aim to give more than you take AND to pass on the goodness you receive. It is not unlikely that you meet someone, who lifts your spirits or provides unconditional support in any area of your life. Except for being grateful – make sure to pass on this energy onto someone else and never stop the chain reaction!

If you intentionally aim to do this today, you will attract the kind of vibe that can manifest someone extremely kind and generous in nature into your life!

2. Take More Responsibility!

Another strong vibration in today’s date is the number 8. Except for being associated with paying off past karma, this number is also urging you to take full responsibility as the creator of your own life!

Take a moment today to dig deeper into yourself and consider the situations in which you are blaming others for making you feel unhappy, guilty, or worthless.

Do you feel like a past lover has wronged you in a most painful way?

Do you constantly re-examine a situation in your mind that has somehow made you feel unhappy?

Now is the time to take responsibility of these feelings and realize that it is not others, who make you feel this way, but your own perception of that certain situation. It is our own perception that is making us feel sad, worthless, or guilty, and once we take responsibility of that, we can easily train ourselves to change that very same perception!

Once you take the responsibility of your happiness in YOUR own hands, you gain immense freedom no one can take from you!

Today’s vibe is greatly supportive of this, so do take the opportunity to ponder on the idea I just talked about.

3. Do a home cleansing ritual

The day’s vibe is extremely suggestive that you do a home cleansing ritual which will open up the space for new positive experiences in your love life. It is a good day to only manifest long-term relationships and doing a small ritual that invites a more home-like feeling into your house will have a powerful effect on attracting your true soulmate!

When we seek true love, we seek many things, and one of it is to share a home together that at some point will become a sacred space for us and our children. Aim to create this type of energy in your home today and it will have an immense effect on manifesting True Love into your life!

The ritual can consist of ANYTHING that makes your home a cozier, warmer, more sacred space. It could even be something not so ‘spiritual’ in nature like baking cookies!

Yes, you can absolutely turn cookie baking into a ritual to attract love! The cookie-scented house, the kind of warmth and feel-good vibe that this will create will form a strong bubble of attraction for you. Create a feel-good atmosphere for yourself and imagine that this cozy, warm, welcoming atmosphere attracts your true soulmate. Feel the joy, and feel from your heart how this person manifests in your life right now. Imagine sharing this atmosphere with them and radiate a strong intention to create this kind of atmosphere for your True Love once they manifest into your life.

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Love and Light!

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