Daily Love Forecast 4th December – Connecting With Spirit And THIS Powerful Ritual To Manifest Love Today

Today is a powerful day, ruled by the number ONE.

A day to establish a deep connection with Spirit, and be ruled by the creative potential lying within you.

Ruled by the Sun

Number ONE represents the Sun, which embodies the energies of generosity, giving, creativity, and selflessness. Thinking about these qualities today and putting your intention to develop them in yourself will act as a powerful way to manifest the love that you desire in your life!

Just think about it! Who doesn’t love to be around someone, whose smile is shining, who radiates warmth, generosity, and is full of enthusiasm. Nurture your creative enthusiasm and zest for life today, and you will be that much closer to attracting the Love you desire in your life!

If you are single, you will be a magnet for a partner, who is also warm, giving, and welcoming you into their space. If you are already in a relationship or dating someone, doing this will open up their heart for you, which leads us to the next tip for today…

Healing The Heart

The Sun also represents the heart chakra, and today is a fantastic opportunity for you to take the time and do a heart-opening meditation or ritual. Too many of us are living with a closed heart nowadays, and we may not realize it at all. We may believe that we have an open heart, but actually be ruled by the mind. This usually happens because we are overwhelmed with a world that requires us to be strong, rational, and very focused on our goals in order to ‘succeed’ in life.

Our heart closes up after experiencing heart-breaks and bitterness in love, and it does need us to intentionally help with the healing process. By opening up our heart again, we will not only attract love more easily, but we will be able to feel the joys of life with a lot more intensity! We will attract more friendship, and we will notice that we are a lot luckier in our daily activities and tasks overall.

Heart-Opening Meditation

Heart-opening meditations or rituals do not need to be lengthy or complicated for them to work. Even simply concentrating on your heart chakra, imagining the sun shining there, spreading its warmth and light throughout your whole body and the space around you, just for a few minutes each day can do miracles for you!

Take a moment today (or more if you have), to sit down quietly and feel your heart opening. Feel the warmth within you and set the intention to connect with everyone you meet on a heart to heart level. Imagine the sun shining, exactly where your heart chakra is, sending your good thoughts and intentions to everyone. Imagine this light and love spreading out of your body and touching the people around you, attracting the same warmth and generosity that you are radiating.

Imagine your heart is so deep and so warm that you can accept everyone with their differences and flaws, because we are all connected to Spirit, and we are all good at a deep, soul level. Feel your heart getting deeper, bigger, warmer, radiating light and literally being like the sun.

Powerful Mantra (Prayer) To repeat Daily

Here is an amazing heart-opening prayer (or mantra), which you can repeat daily to open up your heart, and attract the love that you desire into your life. Today is a good day to start repeating it! You can say it in your mind while walking, jogging, or just going about your normal routine tasks.

“Love bright, Love holy, Love abundant, God, pour into my heart, so that I can Love everything, so that I can Love everyone, so that I can love WITH everyone.”

Planets are aligned for creativity and altruism

Astrologically, the day is extremely well aligned with what we talked about above – it is under the influence of Neptune, joining the Moon in Pisces, which encourages us to awaken our deep creative powers – singing, drawing, dancing are all wonderful activities for today, and joining a class or a group, to engage in one of these things can present you with a great opportunity to meet a new love interest, and why not your soulmate, too!

It’s also an extremely dreamy energy that invites us to transcend our minds to other worlds and realities!

Dream big and believe in True Love today

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Love and Light!

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