How EXACTLY Will Today’s Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction Affect YOU? Step-by-Step Guide To Read Your Chart

saturn jupiter conjunction

The Grand Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is the big event of the year, and understandably so.

We all witnessed the effects of last year’s Saturn-Pluto ‘meeting’, and if some of us were caught unprepared, we want to be ready for any surprises that may be coming this year.

And let’s be honest – we are all hoping and praying for some sense of calm and relief after the distressing, challenging events of 2020.

I know you’ve all read your fair share of articles, theories and predictions of what the Grand Saturn-Jupiter conjunction may mean on a social and global level, but each and every one of us is a lot more concerned what EXACTLY it means on a more personal level.

This is what I will try to shed some light on right now, and before I do that I would just like to remind you that our personal lives are always affected by the bigger events that happen in the world. For example, COVID-19 was something that started as an external event, but it affected millions of lives and families on a very personal level.

So, it is good to know that every time Saturn and Jupiter meet in a new element, like it happens now, there are major changes in the socio-economic environment of the world.

Their previous meeting in Aquarius was 800 years ago, so you can imagine what this implies for today’s event.

One thing I would like to emphasize about this Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction that I believe is not being highlighted enough is the following:

Whenever there is a conjunction of planets, we need to examine which one is the stronger one, and which one is going to dominate in order to be more precise in our prediction of how it will affect us.

In this case, since Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, it will be the more dominant planet.

The good news is that Saturn behaves differently in Aquarius than in Capricorn, and the ancient astrologers have said that the sign of Aquarius is Saturn’s favorite environment to be in

saturn jupiter conjunction

While in Capricorn the Saturn qualities that are more emphasized are order, discipline, authority, karma, restrictions, learning of lessons, and paying off old debts…

In Aquarius, the more intellectual side of Saturn is more emphasized, and that is science, structured thought, a sense of purpose, long-term plans, and development.

This is why, while in the last 2 years when Saturn was in Capricorn, we had to learn some life lessons the hard way, pay off old karma by having to deal with difficult relationships, sickness, career challenges, which were all meant to put us on the right path. These trials were there to make us get rid of thought patterns, people, attitudes, and philosophies that weren’t serving out higher purpose in life. A lot of re-structuring had to take place, and some of the things we had to go through were painful and almost unbearable.

And now, in the next 2 years, if we were persevering, disciplined, and faithful that everything happens for a good reason, we will be able to reap the rewards from all that hard work!

We will still need to keep putting effort, but we will start seeing the gifts from these efforts materializing.

Although we will still need to keep giving up old thought patterns and behaviors in certain areas of our lives, things will flow a lot more easily. We will be feeling a lot more support from other people (Aquarius) and the light forces (Jupiter).

So, in a way the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will be another catalyst for change in our life, BUT this change will be accompanied with a much lighter energy and a much bigger sense of fulfillment, lightness, and rewards for all of our hard work.

How will this play out in YOUR life?

saturn jupiter conjunction

And here we come to the point that everyone is MOST interested in.

I’ve seen so many people ask this question lately, and this is why I would like to give you a step-by-step, easy to follow guide on how EXACTLY you can find out which areas of your life will be affected and how.

This is again just a general view, but it’s a lot more tailored to your chart, and I will guide you in order to help you form a vision of what you can expect over the next year.

Since the conjunction happens every 20 years, this is how long the effects of the changes that happen over the next year or so last in your life.

Whatever you gain as a result and reap as a reward for your hard work from the previous two years, will stick with you for the long-term!

Furthermore, the topics that become relevant now in 2021, will re-appear in your life every 5 years.

So, here it is:

Step 1:

Click here and draw your chart.

You will get a chart like the one below and I will use it as an example in order to guide you on how to read the influence of Saturn and Jupiter in YOUR life.

Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction

First of all, you need to remember that Saturn and Jupiter traditionally rule two signs each.

Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius.

And Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius.

Since these planets have been the traditional rulers of these signs for so many years, they will definitely have an effect on one’s physical and material life during such a major astrological event.

What does this mean for you?


It means that you will see THE RESULT of the grand conjunction happening in all areas of your life, which are ruled by the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

As you can see this is quite a big portion of the chart, and respectively – of your life!

So, in order to see the RESULT of the grand conjunction in your life, you need to check WHICH HOUSES are ruled by Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

In the example chart , we can see that we have the cusps of the 6th, the 7th, the 8th, 9th, and 10th houses in these signs!

Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction

The cusp of the house simply means where the house starts.

So, to answer your question – YES! All areas of life, represented by the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th house will see major changes and developments in this person’s life.

What do these houses represent?

6th house is health, work, colleagues, daily routines, the way you organize your daily tasks and life.

7th house is business and intimate relationships, and any long-term commitments and connections you make

8th house is life and death, often is included in transits and directions when one gets pregnant; mutual resources, mortgages, inheritance, but also mystical experiences;

9th house is travelling abroad, working with people from overseas, but it’s also our philosophy of life and our worldview

10th house is career, goals, life mission, social status, and is often present when one gets married, makes a major career change, but also when they have a child, because this is another circumstance when an important event changes one’s social status – having a kid automatically makes you a ‘mother’ or a ‘father’, and this is a new status you have in society.

In order to quickly and easily learn ALL of the meanings for EACH house and planet, Download The Fast Track to Astrology Cheat Sheets.

fast track to astrology cheat sheets (

So, as you can see many events can happen in the life of this person: she can make major changes in her relationship, possibly get married, have a kid, and as a result of that her daily routines are going to change a lot. So will her worldview and perception of the world, and she may also buy a house with her partner or inherit a property from her parents (8th house).

This is actually a client of mine, and after I gave her this prediction, she told me that YES – all these changes are already under way! She is discussing the option of having a child and moving forward with the relationship with her partner, AND her father is finally going to make her the official owner of an inherited apartment.

So, you can see that astrology works!

AND later on you can see that most of these changes are positive, although the conjunction is happening in the so much feared 8th house.

All you need to do is draw your chart, and see which house cusps lie in the signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, and Aquarius, and you will see THE RESULTS of the grand Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction.

These are the areas of life, where you will see changes, new developments, and possibly new people entering your life.

Step 2 – Draw Your transit Chart

Now that you know where you will most likely see the results of the conjunction, we can see more precise information about HOW EXACTLY will these results be reached.

Usually, the action starts happening in one area of our life, and the result is in another. For example, we change our perception of our reality or we change our attitude towards something (9th house), then we change our actions (1st house), and then we start seeing results in our personal and professional life (7th and 10th house).

This is why, the house in which Saturn and Jupiter are currently transiting will show the area of life, which will initiate the changes that are going to result in developments in FOUR other areas of your life.

This is why the house in which Saturn and Jupiter are meeting for you will indeed be influenced, but the action may first be felt in another area of your life.

Go back to your chart on By clicking on ‘Transit Chart’ in the top right corner, you will be able to see your Transits.

The planets, which are shown on the outer part of the wheel are the transit planets, and you can see where Jupiter and Saturn will fall on your chart.

For the example below, they fall just in the beginning of the 8th house of this person.

Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction

This means that she will start major changes and developments happening with her mutual resources with a partner, possibly inheriting something from her family (this is actually already happening as her father has decided to make her the official owner of a family property), possibly also getting pregnant (because 8th house also rules life and death), and also deepening her interest in psychology, the occult, and esoteric practices.

She is a very forward-looking individual and a lot of these changes are already under way. I had no idea what was happening in her life, but when I gave her the prediction she said I was exactly right.

So, you can see that even if you know just the house where Saturn and Jupiter are transiting, and the houses ruled by Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, you will be able to make some pretty accurate predictions of the changes you can expect!

And, don’t forget that there is free will involved at all times, and it entirely depends on your own action or inaction of how big or small these developments and changes will be.

I remind you that Saturn still requires hard work, but it will all flow a lot more easily, a lot more lightly, and the Aquarian energy, combined with Jupiter will give you support from groups of people; of someone, who acts very benevolently towards you; or from your own inner wisdom and ‘guru’.

So, here is

An overview of what you might expect from the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction when you see which house it transits through

saturn jupiter conjunction

(remember, this is where Saturn and Jupiter are transiting – see the second example, and do the transits for YOUR chart)

1st House – increased activity in all areas of life.

You become more active in starting things, and you may also somehow change your approach to the initiatives you take. The 1st-7th axis is also about relationships, so you might start an important relationship in your life. You might even get married or see another major change that leads to change of appearance and/or name. The 1st house in a way represents all of the areas of your physical life, so you can see structured development on many levels.

You have the chance to really become someone wiser, more respected in the eyes of others, and you should not miss out on this chance!

If the conjunction is making hard aspects with any of your planets, you need to mind your health, beware of injuries and regularly make visits to your doctor even if you don’t feel like there is any major issues.

All these 1st-house related decisions will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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2nd House – your material resources and energy.

If the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction transit falls into your second house, you may see major developments happening in your financial situation. You may find new opportunities for earning money, and you will succeed if you put in the hard work (Saturn), and collaborate with people (Aquarius). Jupiter will support you to earn more than you expected and even help you get the support of someone from the upper social circles, who can help you earn even more.

2nd house is about personal energy and self-esteem, too, so this new flow of financial income can help you feel more confident and secure. The 2nd house is on the 2nd-8th house axis, so with another supportive aspects pregnancy is not out of the question as well.

All these 2nd-house related decisions will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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3rd House – Mind power, Transport, and Communication

With Saturn and Jupiter falling into your 3rd house, you may see major changes in the way you think, communicate and approach any job or project that requires a lot mental effort.

You may see yourself become more concentrated, have a more structured approach to writing and communicating, and as a result, see positive results in other areas of life.

3rd house is very much in tune with Aquarius, so A LOT of things may happen. You could enroll on a new course, and therefore become more productive in your job.

You may find yourself meeting and talking to many new people, communicating a lot more, and as a result adopting a more open-minded approach to life (Jupiter).

All these 3rd-house related decisions will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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4th house – Your family, home, deep soul life

With Saturn and Jupiter transiting your 4th house, you may see major developments, regarding a change of living, buying or selling a property, or any other major changes in your family life.

You may see a lot of activity, happening in your home, including moving, refurbishments, a new family member being born, and so on.

4th house is also about our foundation, our roots, and our hidden spiritual life. So, you can find a new source of wisdom (Saturn) and light (Jupiter) within yourself. This may be an amazing opportunity to find a new source of power, an inner teacher, who guides you through life.

Of course, the latter can only happen as a result of consistent spiritual effort and work, but the results can be tremendously uplifting.

All these 4th-house related decisions will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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5th house – Creative Expression and Children

With Saturn and Jupiter, transiting your 5th house, you can see major developments, happening with creative projects you have undertaken.

You can find more people, who support your idea (Aquarius), and even someone sponsoring it (Jupiter), if of course, they see a well-structured approach and a solid financial plan (Saturn).

You may also see major developments with your children – some of you may see children starting school and becoming more independent (Aquarius), and others may decide that they want to free themselves from work, and have more time to play and pay attention to their children.

All these 5th-house related decisions will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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6th House – Work, Health and Daily Routines

If the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction falls into your 6th house, you will see major developments happening in your work-life, colleagues, and the way you approach your day-to-day work.

You may become more organized (Saturn), and be able to become more productive and see more abundant results from your efforts (Jupiter).

You should also take extra care of your health and see yourself adopting new fitness routines and diet habits that are more beneficial for your long-term health (remember, what you do now will have its effect for the next 20 years).

You may also decide to hire people, who can help you with your daily work, and so your overall productivity rises, or you may decide to work with a dietician or a fitness instructor.

All these 6th-house related decisions will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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7th house – Intimate and Business Relationships

With the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, happening in your 7th house, you may see major developments happening in your relationships!

You may get married! (this is very common when Saturn and Jupiter are both in the 7th house)

Or, decide to end a relationship if it has run its course.

Or, you may find new partners, who help you widen your influence and social network (Aquarius), and even help you improve your financial situation (Jupiter).

All these 7th-house related decisions will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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8th House – Mutual Resources, Mortgages, Inheritance and Mystical Experiences

8th house is one of the richest houses with most diverse meanings, so A LOT of things can happen here!

Just a quick warning – if the conjunction falls into your 8th house, pay attention to your health. Don’t ignore even the tiniest symptoms, and if you are a woman, don’t skip your regular gynecological examinations! Don’t engage in initiatives that involve too much risk or extreme experiences like bungee jumping, for example. You need to be a bit more cautious with the conjunction happening here.

Still, you may see some developments regarding a mortgage, or inherit a property from a grandparent (this doesn’t always mean they need to pass away; often family members pass the ownership to their children and grandchildren, while they are healthy and alive).

You may decide to buy a common property with your spouse, or you may get pregnant (as I mentioned above 8th house has to do with that, too!).

8th house is also about mystical experiences, so you may see yourself joining groups and communities (Aquarius) that have to do with your newly-found esoteric interests.

You can even develop some visionary abilities if you have the potential for that in your natal chart!

All these 8th-house related developments will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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9th House – Overseas Connections, Travel, Life Philosophy

If the conjunction is happening in your 9th house, there may be some major developments with partners from abroad.

You may also find support from communities and groups of people, who are based in a foreign country.

OR, you may get in touch with a spiritual teacher, or life coach, who influences your life philosophy and approach in life.

It can also be that you find your inner teacher and guru, who leads you to new perceptions, and opens up new horizons through your own inner vision.

All these 9th-house related developments will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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10th House – Career, Achievements, Life Path

Since Saturn is very much in tune with the 10th house, and Jupiter is joining him there, you may see some major developments happening in your career path.

You may meet new people (Aquarius) or an influential figure (Jupiter), who can guide you on your career path or help you find your true life mission.

Again, it is a possibility that you get married and change your social status, or have a child, because this is on the 4th-10th career axis.

You will gain more clarity on which of these events is most probable by looking at the other houses that this conjunction influences for you, as explained in Step 1.

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11th House – Groups, Communities, Dreams, and Visions

The 11th house is possibly the most blessed house when it comes to this conjunction!

It is very much in alignment with Aquarius, as it is naturally ruled by it, and if the Saturn-Jupiter transit falls into your 11th house, there may be a lot of major developments that help you increase your influence and manifest your dreams!

The conjunction happening there may open up opportunities for you to join groups and communities and gain followers and supporters, who back up your idea or project.

In today’s internet era, we know it’s all about social influence, so you may be lucky enough to gain a lot of it with the help of this celestial event and make a major dream or project of yours manifest!

Again, you may be able to get in touch with someone influential, who supports you on your project or helps you get closer to materializing your visions and goals!

All these 11th-house related developments will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

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12th House – Past Lives, Withdrawal, Spiritual Development, Emigration

If the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happens in your 12th house, the developments can again be very diverse and unpredictable.

The range of meanings and possible events of the 8th and 12th house are so diverse, but indeed, the first thing to note is caution. Much like the 6th and 8th house, the 12th has to do with health in one way or another, so you have to take good care of your mental and physical health. This is not to scare you, but to give you a word of caution – a lot of major health issues can be avoided if caught on time.

Another possible development you see is that you wish to withdraw from society and focus on some spiritual practice or a project that is not so much seen by the eyes of the public.

Since there is Aquarius involved, you can do that with a group of people. For example, you may decide to build an eco village with like-minded people, where you can live off your own production, join group meditations, and build something that revolves around common ideals.

Of course, not everyone with this transit in the 12th will be secluding themselves in the forest, but I am just giving an example.

You may also be able to unlock hidden subconscious blockages that have been hindering your progress so far, or decide to work with a therapist. This is a very good and helpful approach when there is a major transit through the 12th house.

For many people the 12th house transit may mean returning to their home countries or emigrating to a foreign one. We know that Covid stopped the movement of people, but it made a lot of families change their decision on where they want to permanently live. So, if you are an immigrant, you may decide to go back to your home country and vice versa.

All these 12th-house related developments will have an effect on the 4 areas we talked about in Step 1.

For the MOST EXHAUSTIVE list of house, planets and signs meanings, Download the Fast Track to Astrology Cheat Sheets.

These are some possible scenarios of how the Grand Conjunction can manifest in your life, according to your own natal chart, and as I said, looking at the houses ruled by Saturn and Jupiter will already give you some extensive information.

If you wish to further pinpoint the influence of these two planets, you can look at the natal houses, in which these two planets are placed, because they can be the areas of life, where events may also initially start developing.

Another thing to consider is the natal aspects these two planets make in your chart (this is the first chart to look at, without the transits) – if the aspects are supportive, you will see things happening more effortlessly and more quickly. If the aspects are challenging, the developments we talked about earlier may happen with a bit more effort on your side.

At any rate – you can take a sigh of relief!

Whatever changes are about to happen in the new 2021 will be felt a lot more lightly than the past 2020.

I am currently preparing the yearly horoscopes for 2021, with more extensive information on how the Grand Conjunction will affect each of the signs, so sign up for notifications or Follow me on FB in order to receive a notification when these are up (they will be freely posted on the site).

If you wish an extensive analysis for YOUR OWN natal chart PLUS remedies on how to overcome any challenging aspects of the upcoming Saturn-Jupiter transit, you can order a reading HERE, and read a review of how I do my readings here.

I do feel truly hopeful and faithful for today’s event, and I hope you do, too!

Sending you all the blessings in the world!


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