3 Weird Actionable Steps That Actually Work To Finally Attract Your True Soulmate in Just THREE Months

attract your soulmate

The internet is now flooded with tutorials, tips, and all sorts of advice on how to actually make the Law of Attraction work for you, including well-structured explanations as to why it may have not worked for you just yet. Rather than repeating the type of advice you may have read or heard numerous times, I would like to concentrate on three simple, but super powerful actions you can easily incorporate into your day RIGHT NOW to drive the results you desire super fast.

Before I move on to the actual step-by-step guide I have for you, I feel it is essential you know that I am committed to only offering advice I have tried myself and have seen REAL results within months (sometimes even weeks). Having faith in the methods you are about to try is having walked half the road! Doing something without having real faith in its effectiveness will only hinder your results, and although I believe you will still see them, it will not be in such a timely manner as you would want them to be.

attract your true soulmate

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Before moving on to the actual methods I would like to share with you, I would like to include a short reminder of the few essential ingredients you need to cultivate within your soul in order to attract anything into your life:

1. Everything you do and feel should come from a state of abundance and NOT from a state of scarcity.

This means that constantly cultivating the feeling that you HAVE joy; that you HAVE love; that you HAVE positive experiences in your life is absolutely critical to attracting what you desire in your life, and the hard part is to sincerely instill this feeling of abundance into your subconscious mind, because it is your subconsciousness that attracts or drives away things from your life.

2. Focus on the solution, NOT the problem.

This is a very simple rule we all seem to know, but it may be hard to stick to, especially in moments when you feel like you’ve waited for something for so long, and you feel extremely impatient for it to manifest into your life. Then you might be tempted to fall into the self-pity trap, and start focusing on the problem, rather than the solution. The three steps I am about to give you will make sure you stay focused on the solution, and not the feeling of scarcity!

3. Always remember that life is a game and we are here only to play it in the best possible way.

I believe this is something not a lot of coaches and manifestation ‘gurus’ pay attention to. Maintaining a fun, game-like attitude towards life is indeed an essential ‘rule’ in the Law of Attraction game, as it helps to constantly trick our subconscious mind into staying in the positive vibe we need in order to attract more of the positive things we want in life. If we take ourselves too seriously 100% of the time, we lose our light-heartedness and we start ‘trying’ too much, which is not in synchronicity with the Universe, because in nature, everything happens effortlessly.

Having reminded you these essential ingredients, I would like to move on to the actual steps, which will powerfully help you cultivate these very same states of mind and enable you to attract your true soulmate within three months.

Step no 1: Clearing the space

attract your soulmate

I cannot stress the importance of this very first step enough, and I beg you not to skip it, thinking you have already done this. Chances are, if you still haven’t attracted True Love into your life that you need to keep clearing and opening up your energy field!

Sometimes we unknowingly hold onto past relationships, past trauma, and we still have energy knots with our past lovers, which need to be untied and cleared out of our energy field in order for us to be able to attract a new relationship that is truthful, loving, and fulfilling.

All it takes is 2-5 minutes a day, but when practiced consistently, this simple yet powerful practice may be the only thing you need to experience the love and relationship of your dreams.

All you have to do is sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and concentrate your attention on your womb. A woman’s womb is where most of the pain and hurt from past relationships gets ‘accumulated’, and taking a few minutes daily to make an energy clearing of this area can drive powerful results for you within days!

As you concentrate on your womb, try to feel whether you still have ties with past lovers (which you probably do, as they are very hard to break), and before you do anything else, imagine cutting these energy cords with a pair of big, shining scissors. Once you do that, imagine that you take your energy back and visualize that you are no longer connected with any of your past lovers in any way. Feel your first two chakras completely free from past lovers and energetic connections.

Once you cut the cords, visualize your womb filling up with gentle, pink light. See the light fill up the space, and feel it further clearing and healing the space. Feel the pink light give you sensations of healing and security, and see it drive away past hurt, pain, or any ‘energy dirt’ out of your womb and into the ground through your root chakra. Do this visualization and healing ritual for as long as you feel you need to, but remember – consistency is more important than doing this once and then forgetting about it.

Incorporating this short healing, clearing practice into your daily routine will have a near-magical effect for you! It will immediately open up your feminine energy and make you super attractive for men! You will immediately feel a lot more attention, coming your way, and you will start meeting a lot more men on a daily basis in general.

This will have a ripple effect on your confidence, on your inner feeling of abundance, and of course will raise your chances of meeting Mr. Right a lot faster!

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Step no 2: ‘Reverse’ affirmation writing

attract your soulmate

I am sure that if you are trying to attract your true soulmate, you have written down a very precise description of what you want them to be. If you haven’t done so yet, by all means do it! This is done by writing down in present tense the type of person and relationship you are trying to attract. For example:

“I am in a happy, fulfilling relationship with a man/woman, who is loving, loyal, caring, passionate, etc. etc. etc.”

However, now I would like to talk about ‘reverse’ affirmation writing. This is writing down what YOU are ready, willing, and capable to GIVE in a relationship. YES! Believe me this is POWERFUL BEYOND IMAGINATION! I also ensure you that simply doing this step alone can bring you results you never thought possible!

Sometimes we are so focused on wanting that we forget to make a truthful evaluation of our own character and what WE ARE WILLING AND CAPABLE of bringing into a relationship. Once you sit down, weighing your strengths and weaknesses, and truthfully writing down, with a very strong intention and sincerity in your heart what you are willing and capable of giving your soulmate, you will see them manifesting into your life within weeks or days!

All you have to do is sit down, concentrate, and really pour down onto paper with ALL your heart, everything that you are willing to give to the other person and everything YOU WILL give to them once they manifest into your life.

Don’t limit yourself to things like ‘loyalty, care, attention’, etc., but rather try to be extremely precise. Are you the type of person, who is willing and capable of creating a cozy environment and cooking delicious meals? Are you super generous under the sheets? Write all these down, and as you do, feel it with all your heart. Feel the joy of pampering your true soulmate, and feel the joy of giving them unconditional love.

This practice creates a super powerful energy field around you, which becomes a magnet to the person, who will be able and willing to give the same back to you! Because similarities attract and the Universe is willing to GIVE to those, who are willing to give!

Step 3: Time for fun, tricks and a heart full of joy!

Here comes the part about living life like it is all a game! Tricking your subconscious mind into believing that you already have something actually attracts this something into your life a lot faster!

I bet you already know that, but here is a fun trick I used just a few months before I met my soulmate. What I did was post a fun meme on my Facebook wall, which had a few images and read something like ‘ex no1’, ‘ex no 2’, ‘ex no 3’, ‘my current boyfriend’. And of course the ex-s were some super awful ‘monsters’, while the ‘current’ boyfriend was this superhero, extra hot, strong guy.

Of course, I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, but I just created the illusion that I did, and tricked some amount of social media followers into believing I had some secret boyfriend, who is super hot and strong. I not only did that, but I sincerely imagined that I DID have such a boyfriend, I SINCERELY felt the joy of having such a partner, and basically I truly, strongly EXPERIENCED the emotion of having such a partner. I really had fun with all this! I laughed at the meme, and I felt like indeed I had this type of superhero boyfriend by my side!

Now, please note I didn’t actually lie about having a partner in my life, I just posted a funny meme, but really got into the emotion that it was true!

Now you are going to ask – can’t I just imagine all these things without the meme?

Well, the funny meme is something that became like a DRIVER of emotion, which helped it feel MORE real! Something super important in the act of manifesting your desires is to create a super powerful emotion, and when it is mixed with laughter and humor, your efforts become A LOT more effective!

Just try it!

When you see a funny meme, or a quote, or something that really really resonates with you, just share it on social media, and powerfully experience the emotion that it creates! Really experience the reality you wish to attract internally, and you will soon see it happening externally as well.

The important thing is to HAVE FUN WITH IT, laugh at yourself, and basically feel the joy while doing it!

Important Note:

I am not a fan of sharing your personal life on Social Media, I do believe that once you attract your true soulmate it is best to keep your love and happiness away from prying eyes, but this is just how I believe things should be. However, trying the funny meme trick once or twice BEFORE that special someone has actually manifested into your life can indeed work miracles for you!


These three steps may not seem like a lot, but as I promised, I only share time-tested methods that have proven their effectiveness. I assure you that with some consistency, especially with steps no1 and 2, you will experience the love you desire sooner than you ever thought possible!

I am sending you love and light, and I deeply, sincerely wish that your desires manifest very very soon!

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