What Is The True Meaning Of Your Virgo Ascendant



Virgo rising people also look youthful, lively, and mobile, like the god, the ruler of their sign. Even in old age they look fit, strong, and flexible.

Virgo rising are pleasant and non-confrontational, but with a strong, albeit flexible will-power, and they know how to realize their ideas.

Virgo rising potentially have the ability to integrate very well mentally. This, on the other hand, allows them to reach their maximum potential in their chosen areas much easier than other people.

The worries and anxieties Virgo rising experience are often related to their desire for perfectionism.

As a result, Virgo rising get disappointed both from themselves and from others. They begin to worry that they have not achieved enough in life. 

Virgo rising need to learn to reward themselves for what they have achieved, no matter how insignificant it may seem in their eyes. 

This is more likely to be achieved in the presence of a partner, who shows understanding and encourages them.

Virgo rising can be very caring and responsive towards their partner. On a deep psychological level, they have a lot of warmth and emotionality. 

Probably their most negative quality is the tendency to constantly scold their partner.